Fequently Asked Questions...


Important questions you should ask your current

CMM Service Provider...

►Are they ISO-9001 Registered or ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited?

►Will they check, adjust calibrate and certify your CMM to within the manufacturers' specifications, including ASME B89 or ISO-10360?

►Do they use the proper tools, equipment and accuracy standards to repair, calibrate or service your CMM?

►Are their accuracy standards calibrated and traceable to the N.I.S.T.?

►Do they offer additional services including parts, styli accessories, operator training or a wide range of software and hardware packages?

If your current CMM Service Provider cannot answer yes to these questions, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss all of your CMM service needs.


Quality Alert!

An increasing number of CMM’s have been severely damaged during attempts at installing hardware or software retrofits that were not designed for the CMM. Many of these have been performed by some of the biggest names in the CMM industry.

Below is a short list of questions you should ask anyone who is proposing a software or hardware retrofit for your CMM.

• When the retrofit is complete, will my measurements be accurate?
Will the accuracy of your CMM be verified after the software or hardware retrofit is installed? The fine print on many proposals assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or performance of your CMM. If your CMM was not calibrated and certified after a retrofit or upgrade, please contact us and will perform a complete cleaning, calibration and certification to insure accurate measurements and performance.

Will the safety features on my CMM remain functional after the retrofit?
We have seen machines with important safety equipment bypassed or disabled because the retrofit package did not support the safety feature or the person performing the work did not understand its operation. This includes important failsafe systems that protect your expensive probe systems. If you suspect that any safety system is not functioning properly after a retrofit, please contact us and we will help you insure that all safety systems are reinstalled and functioning properly.

Do they offer technical support after the retrofit is installed?
You would be surprised at how many companies disappear when you call them to service the retrofit they installed. If you are not able to get the technical support you expect and deserve after a retrofit installation, please contact us. We can provide technical support for a wide range of retrofit systems even if we didn’t install it.