Hardware Upgrades & Retrofits

We are proud to be a distributor and certified installer of all Renishaw CMM Products.


Give your CMM a new lease on life!

  • Increased measurement capability, greater software functionality & usability
  • Faster throughput
  • Automation & lower operating costs
  • Fully supported, open CMM controller technology
  • Future-proof investment
  • Low risk of change

Most CMM structures are not subject to high levels of wear and remain serviceable for many years. Software, Electronic Control Systems and Touch Probe Systems can become outdated as new, faster and more capable ones are introduced.

Upgrade now and save

In the current challenging economic climate, making the most of your assets makes perfect sense. It is also good for the environment to continue to re-use serviceable elements of your CMM structure such as the bed, bridge and quill, whose manufacture is relatively energy-intensive.

Cost-effective upgrades to key elements of your machine – probe systems, controller and software – can reveal your CMM’s hidden potential, giving you state-of-the-art performance as well as a future-proof metrology system.

Get more from your CMM

Recent revolutions in touch probe sensors, controllers and measurement software have transformed the performance of new CMMs. As these advances are not dependent on the CMM frame, they are also available on your old CMM, giving you …

  • more capability with simple, fast and intuitive CAD-driven programming and graphical reports that are easier to interpret
  • more throughput using the latest scanning sensors and motion control technologies
  • more information about your parts with automated multi-sensor measurement
  • more profitability with reduced maintenance and support costs
  • more confidence that your CMM is equipped to meet your future measurement needs

What’s more, because you are re-using the costly structure of the machine, an upgrade is a fraction of the price of a comparable new machine.

Controlling factor

The motion controller is a vital factor governing the performance of any CMM. An outdated controller can limit the range of measurements that can be taken, and may eventually become unsupported and unreliable. In short, it can cripple a perfectly good CMM frame, or at least limit its ability to meet your changing needs.

Renishaw retrofit controller cabinetRenishaw’s UCC family of controllers have been specifically designed to suit retrofitting with ‘plug and play’ installation on most models of CMM. Versions supporting touch-trigger, 3-axis scanning and 5-axis scanning provide an upgrade path for customers as their needs evolve. In addition to seamless integration of a wide array of sensors, the controllers feature advanced motion control techniques that allow rapid movement around the part and smoother, faster scanning. Performance enhancing features such as sophisticated error mapping and temperature compensation are also available.

The UCC controllers are all I++ DME compliant, enabling them to inter-operate with any I++-compliant metrology software. This leaves you free to choose the software that best suits your needs, and even change software to suit different inspection tasks.

Your One-stop retrofit service

CMM retrofit elementsMidwest CMM Services comprehensive retrofit service includes:

  • CAD-driven Measurement Software
  • Renishaw UCC Series CMM Controller
  • Choice of touch probe sensors from the TP-20 to the new PH20 Probe Heads
  • Accredited Calibration & Certification
  • 12 months total machine warranty
  • Rapid exchange service on all system elements
  • Direct hardware and software support