Calibration vs Certification...

Most CMM owners do not know the difference between Calibration & Certification and consider them to be the same. They are in fact two totally different procedures.

Calibration is to verify and correct accuracy errors from a known standard.
Certification is just the verification of accuracy errors from a known standard.

Just about anyone can attest to errors on a CMM, but it takes knowledge, skill, experience and the right equipment to find and correct all of the geometric errors that exist in your CMM's measuring volume. These errors include the Linear Accuracy, Squareness, Pitch, Roll, Yaw, Straightness, Repeatability and Volumetric Accuracy.

To perform a complete Calibration and Certification, your CMM must be evaluated according to the OEM specifications. After all of the data is collected, many mechanical, electronic and intricate error compensation adjustments are required to bring it to within the manufacturers' specifications. We can insure the accuracy and performance of your CMM with our complete Cleaning, Calibration, Certification and Preventive Maintenance Services.

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